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BEC Warns of Electrical Use During Storm -Police Lines Back Up

Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) officials are warning residents to be cautious of how they handle electrical supplies as a massive thunderstorm passes through major and flooding is expected.

In a press release sent out Tuesday, BEC officials reminded customers whose homes and businesses may be affected by flood waters that they should turn off the main breaker switch and leave it off until a licensed electrician assesses the building and determines it’s safe to turn on the power supply.

Additionally, the corporation warns that in areas where flood waters may reach potentially dangerous levels, the corporation may temporarily disconnect the supply to prevent injury or further damage.

Ministry of Works Representative Bryley King said Bahamians should take no chances when it comes to figuring out what to do about their electrical supplies when flood levels inside the home increase.

“If you’re in doubt and if you see that being the case, you need to go to your main switch for your home and turn the main switch off,” he advised.

“Do not simply go to the panel board and turn off all circuit breakers. You need to disconnect the power to your entire home. Because once water gets into a home, the entire are where the water is can be energised.”

In instances where adverse weather conditions may cause damage to BEC’s infrastructure, residents are advised to stay away from downed power lines.

BEC encouraged customers who may experience problems with their electricity supply to utilise its emergency numbers at 302-1800 or 323- 5561-4.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Hulan Hanna said despite circumstances last week where a glitch in the police force’s communication system blocked those needing help from calling in, everything is up and ready to go now.

“Our view is that if you are already in an area that is likely to be compromised, you need to be taking all steps now, ahead of the system to get to a place of safety,” ACP Hanna added.

“Don’t wait until you are stuck. Move now.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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