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Zonta Provides Training for Unemployed Women

An unprecedented number of applications for a program aimed at giving professional development training to women who may have had some challenges in life as The Zonta Club of New Providence (ZCNP) presents its Fourth Annual Workforce Readiness Program dedicated to training unemployed women for the workforce.

Receiving over 100 submissions for the three-week job training program, Zonta Club President Claudine Farquharson said at the launch of the program yesterday, at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), that the numbers were not expected, but was welcomed to the club’s signature program.

“This year we received an unprecedented amount of applicants, over 100 and we were really pleasantly surprised,” Ms. Farqharson said.

“We feel that the avenues we used this time including Facebook, Whatsapp, and email, those types of outlets contributed to this success.

“Word of mouth and referrals from last year, every year we have a selection of girls, 25, and a lot of them have been positively impacted by this program and they would have been really our heralds, talking about the program and letting others know about it.

“It’s an excellent program. It’s our signature service program and we are so pleased as Zontians to impact our community in such a positive manner.”

This year, according to Ms. Farqharson, the program will facilitate some 30 women because of the large volume of applications they received. She also noted BTVI’s involvement in the program.

“The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute we [also] received some applicants from there and they have been touting our program, she said.

“They are one of our major partners in this program.”

Speaking about the program itself, Ms. Farqharson gave some insight.

“Every year we try to improve on our program to give women who may have had setbacks in life important tools to empower and to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

“We host various sessions in this program targeted towards equipping women with specific skills for each aspect of their lives that can help positively influence their economic status.

“This year we saw the largest amount [applicants] try for this year’s program, so that shows us that women are not complacent with a lack of job opportunities and they believe that our program is a good start for them changing the trajectory of their lives,” she indicated.

Present at the opening of the program was Parliamentary Secretary of Social Services and Urban Development Vaughn Miller, who after sharing the experience of his mother overcoming challenges as a young woman, challenged the women to go after their dreams no matter the obstacles.

“I’ve come to say to you, that if you have a dream, an idea, that it’s one thing to dream, it’s one thing to have an idea.

“I don’t care who you are. [I] don’t care where you come from. [I] don’t care who your parents are [were], your social background, if it’s one thing I have always believed and that life has taught me is that if you believe in something strong enough and you are willing to work to pursue it you can attain it.

“I believe that fundamentally,” Mr. Miller said.

Mr. Miller further encouraged them noting that success did not come without hard work and that some things they would have to sacrifice in order to be successful.

“This Workforce Readiness Program, represents for you, young ladies, it’s an awesome opportunity to enrich your skills.

“It is also an awesome opportunity for spiritual growth and I wish to encourage all of you to become totally involved in the sessions that are being offered.

“You have been selected from among other persons who could have possibly been a part of this program, so you are special. There is something special about you that they thought they feel you will be successful in this program, if you apply yourself to it.

“So, scratch boyfriends scratch the special significant other, scratch family members, anyone, who does not understand or appreciate what you are attempting to achieve.

“If they become an obstacle in your way, bypass them. At some point in your life you have to know the difference between your friends, your enemies and your freinenemies,” Mr. Miller told the women.

The participants in this year’s Workforce Readiness Program will be exposed to a blended style of learning and will include practical and on the job training as well as formal presentations by industry experts.

This year, a range of sessions from Rev. Angela Palacious “Empowering Journey” to the Crisis Centre’s “Stress and Addiction” or John Bull “Makeover for a more Empowered You” sessions are highly anticipated.

Some of the topics that will be covered during the program are spirituality, leadership, work ethic and protocols, customer service training, conflict resolution, communication styles, resume writing, interviewing skills, dressing for success, office etiquette and decorum, social graces, legal issues (knowing your rights) and budget and financial planning.


In addition to the professional development training, the participants will be given an opportunity to be introduced to a two-week training in Microsoft Office Suite, facilitated by the professionals at BTVI.

At the end of the training program, the successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion from BTVI during the closing ceremonies.

Additionally, scholarships will be given to the outstanding students to pursue tertiary studies.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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