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$1M Grant Launched for Food Security

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has partnered with the Small Business
Development Centre (SBDC), the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation (BAIC) and the
Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) to offer $1 million in grant funding
to startup and existing businesses in the agricultural and fishing industries.
SBDC Executive Director Samantha Rolle said this funding is a part of the food security
initiative and sustainable food growth grant geared towards injecting vitality into the Bahamian
entrepreneurial landscape.
“So, for the second year, we’ve partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources
and in doing that, they’ve been a monetary contributor. So, they’ve provided $1 million in a
budget for us to utilize towards the food security initiative. Whereas as part of that initiative,
we’ve incorporated a sustainable food growth grant, so of course last year we launched the grant,
the inaugural launch of the grant,” Ms. Rolle said.
“This year we’re doing the same. However, we’ve expanded the scope in terms of there’s a greater
focus on fishers. And so that’s about 60 percent fisheries and 40 percent agriculture perspective,
right? Grant funding is up to $40,000 per each awardee with a budget of $1 million and our focus
is definitely food security.”
The country currently spends over $1 billion a year to import over 90 percent of the food we eat
into the county.
Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Jomo Campbell expressed his excitement for the
partnership and gives further details on how the food central project will be incorporated in the
“It is my hope that those who are granted the available funding will use it to make their mark in
this country and become shining examples of what can happen when government truly partners
with the people to further national development. Now, not to be overlooked, the Food Central
Project is just as important, and this will be an emerging event for the census and patrons while
creating a platform for farmers, fishers and chefs to come together to showcase their produce and
skills, all while building a greater connection to the community,” Minister Campbell said.
“A great example of this is what was just shared with us in the video. Up to 40 vendors will be
selected to participate. Our country has a rich cultural heritage centered around its cuisine. And
so, I’m excited to see this culinary showcase where chefs will demonstrate their creativity and
expertise using local ingredients.”

In addition to the funding, Ms. Rolle said those approved for the grant will also receive a myriad
of other benefits.
“Training programs informing entrepreneurs in farming, fishing and supporting industries on
sustainable business practices, and fostering an ecosystem among these entrepreneurs across
various islands. Commerce opportunities, hosting Food Central, a market for farmers and fishers
and preparing them to be featured on our e-commerce platform to build long term client
relationships. Our culinary showcase, matching farmers and fishers with prominent chefs to
create dishes that showcase the versatility and creativity of locally grown caught and produced
products. Access to funding MSMEs that contribute to food security are invited to apply for our
grant funding of up to $40,000 or loan funding for various needs,” she said.
To apply for the sustainable food grant an learn more about the food security initiative, persons
can call SBDC at 461-sbdc or visit www.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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