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What if this happened to you?

By P.J. Malone

What would you do if you were fashion mogul Peter Nygard and someone attempted to kill the dream you worked so hard to make a reality? How would you handle it if you lived in Lyford Cay and your neighbours wanted to get rid of you because they didn’t like the guests you invited to your home, due to—as it has been reported—the colour of their skin?

What steps would you take if one particular neighbour resorted to tactics like,

  • constructing a dip in the easement road leading to your home that created a cesspool of filthy water harboring mosquitos and other bugs outside of your home,
  • then, blocking the road leading to your property, completely preventing you access to your home, and
  • using illegal military-grade speakers to play loud grating noise during functions at your home?

How would you feel to learn that your erstwhile friend had become a hated enemy, who then made big plans to escalate his efforts to destroy your dream because you took him to court to gain access to your property, and you won?

Would it be frightening for you if, as reported in the international press, attempts were made by some individuals to plant cocaine on your beach and then call in the DEA?

Maybe you would feel lucky or relieved to learn, as reported in the international press, that the individuals didn’t account for the tide and wind that night, so the cocaine washed up on the same beach they attempted to launch it from.

What would you do if this had happened to you?

What would you think when you learned from voice recordings of the individual herself, who served in an executive capacity for the Lyford Cay administration, that, not only was she a part of the plotting to have you kicked out of Lyford Cay, but she conspired to destroy your business?

What if it really got crazy?

How would you react to your home, your haven of rest, and your dream that you spent millions to construct being destroyed in one night by a mysterious fire? What would you do with the circumstantial evidence you had of who the culprit was?

What steps would you take if one of your adversaries set up an entire organization to focus on attacking you and preventing the Government of The Bahamas from granting you the approvals to rebuild your dream home?

Would you feel abandoned to watch the government that you have supported, cowed by the pressure from your adversary, not help you rebuild your dream home after you have given so much of your heart and resources to the Bahamian people to the tune of hundreds of thousands?

How would you act in such a hurtful situation?

How shocking would it be to hear how a major international broadcasting network participated in your adversary’s plots by knowingly airing interviews with guests to talk about you, who were convicted con artists and were telling lies on you? Would you feel vindicated that the court sided with you in making the broadcasting network answer for their actions in court?

What if it didn’t stop there?

How would you handle seeing and hearing recordings of conversations where your adversary’s operatives were seeking girls to pay to make up stories of sexual assault against you—not just one time but several times with recordings of their attempts as recently as a few months ago?

What would you do about the ultimate conspiracy to set you up in a murder plot, where your adversary paid unsavoury characters to malign your good name and say you hired them to murder a list of people even though their recorded meeting with you showed you rejecting such suggestions?

How would you handle being taken to court and being accused of the plot to murder, when you know it was a failed conspiracy to set you up? What would you do when your adversary constantly takes you to court on trumped up charges?

Would it devastate you to have these plots against you be reported to the international press painting you as a monster who plotted to murder?

What would you do if this happened to you?

How would you feel to hear some call this fight “petty foolishness” while you know that this is your life you are fighting for?

Would you feel helpless to see the combination of your adversary’s millions, his ego, and his pride cause your adversary to escalate his vendetta to fanatic levels?

Would you stand still and allow all these things to happen unanswered? Would you lash out in retaliation? Would you attempt to destroy your adversary in return?

Or would you give up and play dead?


What would you do if your adversary’s attacks went on and on and you couldn’t wake up from this nightmare?


What would you do if your adversary went all out to annihilate you for reasons that don’t make sense to you?


What would you want the Bahamian people to do if it were you?


If all this is true—and there is evidence that points to all of this being true—what would you do if it were you? Call into the “Issues of The Day” radio show, insist on discussing it, and tell the Bahamian public what you would do if this all happened to you.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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