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Video Downplaying Bahamas Gone Viral

The creators of a satirical video of The Bahamas, has gone viral creating a negative impression   of particularly New Providence.

The video warns tourists about “five huge mistakes” to avoid when travelling to The Bahamas.

The first “destination tip” advised tourists not to stay in New Providence.

“Sadly the island is listed as a critical threat to tourists on most travel advisories. Criminal activity has spiked in recent years including rapes and muggings. To play it safe book your stay in the out islands,” the video’s voiceover said.

“Two, don’t travel between June to November. If you’re going to take your chances visit during hurricane season, make sure to check local reports and local airlines to make sure your travel plans won’t experience any delays.”

The third “mistake” the video warns against is the rental of jet skis.

“In The Bahamas water sports are not regulated and the rental equipment might not be in proper working order. Many of the vendors don’t have the proper knowledge or training to come to your rescue if things go wrong out in the ocean,” the video continued.

The fourth warning was to advise tourists not to drive on the right side of the road.

“If you’re used to driving on the right side of the road you would probably feel a bit awkward making your way around The Bahamas. Cars drive on the left here. So if you’re not comfortable here, opt for a taxi instead,” the video explained.

Finally, the video concluded with the advice of staying away from non-tourist areas at night.

“Many of the country’s most violent crimes happen on New Providence and Grand Bahama and many incidents occur after nightfall,” the voice over claimed.

“Armed robberies, home invasions and sexual assaults targeting tourists are common.”

Credits revealed the video was produced by Calvin Turnquest from an online site called “Tinny Bashing.”

The Bahama Journal made numerous attempts to reach tourism officials for comment, but was unsuccessful.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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