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Fox Hill Experiences the ‘Personal Police Touch’

Fox Hill Walkabout (1)

Fox Hill Walkabout (1)Forging a better relationship between themselves and the community, the Eastern Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) conducted a walkabout in the Fox Hill Community yesterday, particularly in the Romer Street area in light of a spate of shootings that occurred recently in the area.

Leading the walkabout handing out pamphlets and speaking with community residents, Chief Superintendent and officer in charge of the Eastern Division Maxine Leary-Rolle said that the effort is the beginning of many as they seek to reassure the community that officers are there to assist them.

“We decided to get all of our resources together and do a walkabout just to reassure the good citizens, the people of this Fox Hill area that the police are here and we are here to assist them in whatever area they need,” Chief Superintendent Leary-Rolle said.

“We will be here as long as we have to, doing our walkabouts, executing our search warrants, and arresting the bad persons of this area.”

Along with officers from the Fox Hill and Elizabeth Estates Police Station, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean said major operations are being conducted to take criminals off the streets and to ensure the safety of communities, not just in Fox Hill but across the Bahamas.

“This is part and parcel of the whole picture that we do in our policing, is we have operations that are being run in this area simultaneously,” Senior ACP Dean said.

“I can tell that in the past week or so we have launched a major operation in this area where we recovered a number of firearms and have arrested prolific offenders in this area.

“We have some people that we are targeting and I can tell you in short order if they have not been visited by us as yet they will be in custody.”

Senior ACP Dean also noted that the walk about fostered community and police collaboration and that residents, not only want to know that the police is there for them, but they want to see the officers in the area.

“The residents know exactly what is happening and I can tell you this is one of our base supports, when you talk of community support, had it not been for these residents we probably wouldn’t have some people in custody today,” he said.

“I can tell you, coming through these areas, although people may say we ride through in the car a lot [and] the windows might be screwed up, but this is what you call that personal touch.

“We cannot substitute this. We can have all the technology in the world, but it’s nothing like that one on one personal touch where people feel their police officers.

“They want to talk of the chief of police in their area.”

During the walkabout, the officers spoke to a number of residents who were happy to see them in the community.

Speaking with a resident, who grew up in the Romer Street area, Linda Moss said she feels safe in the area despite the criminal elements and calls it her home.

“Well, I feel so because I grew up here until I got married. I feel so because I know everyone around here,” she said.

When asked about the shootings, one of the main reasons for the walkabout, Mrs. Moss said although there has been a rise in hearing gunshots or shootings she is not afraid.

“It has increased. We have a lot of drive by shootings now, but I am not afraid,” Mrs. Moss said.

According to the officers, this walkabout will take place bi-monthly in the area as an effective tool for helping those in the community.

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