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Turnquest: FNMs Support Butler-Turner

Despite a petition by constituents to not have Long Island Member of Parliament (MP) Loretta Butler-Turner renominated, Free National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said the Long Island MP has the party leadership’s full support.

The letter, which reportedly outlines a number of damning reasons, is to be sent to the FNM’s council; however Mr. Turnquest said as far as he is aware it has not reached the party’s leadership.

The deputy leader said the party is confident Mrs. Butler-Turner will be re-elected.

“We are fully confident that Mrs. Turner will be the candidate for Long Island. However, in these matters, the constituency always has the say. But as far as we are aware she will be the candidate for 2017 or before. That’s who we are supporting,” Mr. Turnquest told the Bahama Journal.

Included in the list of damning reasons for their petition, Long Island constituents claim Mrs. Butler-Turner has a lack of respect for the party’s leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis, and that she fails to hold constituency meetings.

When asked to respond to those claims against the Long Island Member, Mr. Turnquest said he has no knowledge of such allegations, and he said “the best people to ask would be the constituents”.

However, Mr. Turnquest maintained the party’s only goal is to win the next general election and to “save the country”; and he said doing this includes Mrs. Butler Turner.

During the party’s July convention, Mr. Turnquest called Mrs. Butler-Turner disrespectful, after she exceeded her speaking time, which in effect, reduced his.

Meanwhile the deputy leader reiterated the fact that he and the member for Long Island have “moved on” and are on one accord going forward.

“We’ve had some differences of opinion in respect to the organisation of the convention and how it should’ve been run, but that’s all behind us. We are now working together to rescue this country from a government that we consider to be failing and is letting us down on all fronts,” he said.

“Whatever has happened has happened. It’s in the past. We’re moving forward to provide this country with the kind of governance that is needed,” Mr. Turnquest added.

Former FNM MP Tennyson Wells predicted earlier this week that the Long Island MP’s seat would be taken by Dr. Andre Rollins if he were to run against Mrs. Butler-Turner.

It is speculated that Dr. Rollins has been campaigning on Long Island recently.

According to Mr. Wells, Mrs. Butler- Turner is aware that her constituents are not in favour of her returning to Long Island.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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