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“Too Many Bahamians Are Obese”

As the issue of obesity in The Bahamas is reportedly the worst in the Caribbean, Dietician and Proprietor of Better Living Health Centre Idamae Hanna is calling for a national approach to address this “epidemic”.


Mrs. Hanna believes if the country as a whole does not make a shift, this generation will die sooner than later.


During a recent interview with The Bahama Journal, Mrs. Hanna said getting rid of this issue requires a team effort involving home, church and businesses.


“Obesity drives chronic non communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, all the major heart diseases,” explained Mrs. Hanna.


“All of us have to be a part of fighting this, because we are all going to be affected. When individuals have these diseases they’re unable to go to work. They’re not really giving as much as they could if they were well. So it impacts the job site,” she said.


“When that is happening then you see the families are having problems too because they have all kinds of medical bills and issues to deal with,” Mrs. Hanna continued.


“So my thought is all of us have to be willing to help in this epidemic we have created for ourselves,” she said.


Mrs. Hanna noted that in order for this nation to be healthy not only should mindsets be changed, but the government also has its role to play in implementing policies that would affect positive change in healthy living.

“I know the government is very concerned about it, and hopefully with the National Health Insurance and the activities that are going on through programmes I know that I know that there are some programmes that are going to develop to deal with the children,” she said.

“We’re in a grave state because cancer is out of control I this country, obesity is out of control and it spells all of the major diseases,” she lamented.

A local study in 2007 indicated that 36 percent of 120 fifth graders when tested were found to have adult diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.

In light of this, Mrs. Hanna offered some advice to parents.

“Pleasantly plump is not cute anymore when it comes to disease. We are setting these kids up. Parents need to refrain from giving kids these drinks that contain a whole lot of sugar,” she said.

“The sweet sugary drinks are driving the obesity in children. Children as well as adults need to eat a balanced diet,” she added.





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