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Teachers Demand Principal’s Removal

Irate Carlton Francis Primary School teachers are calling for the removal of the school’s principal after they showed up to work on Wednesday morning and met more than 15 police officers at the gate restricting them from entering the Baillou Hill Road campus. 

Teachers and union executives have been locked in an ongoing issue with the school’s principal that has stretched over two years.

According to Bahamas Union of Teachers area Vice President Vernon Rodgers, a meeting between the union and the government was scheduled to address the matter, but never happened.

“The principal is rude.  She’s disrespectful.  She has no morals when it comes to dealing with these teachers.  She’s unprofessional.  She runs from her problems like now,” Rodgers said.  

“We have not seen the principal in almost two weeks. She does not take on issues.   If you don’t take on a simple issue, how are you going to run a school.” 

A visibly upset third grade teacher Deborah Rahming, who’s been teaching for nearly 30 years, insists that the school’s principal should be removed.

She goes on to express grievances with the education system. 

“Minister, if you dare to give me a transfer please facilitate one at the Ministry of Tourism because I’m sick to my heart at the educational system in The Bahamas right now,” Rahming said.  

“I refuse to teach under a system where I am victimized in open daylight, where officers are telling me that I am a criminal, that’s what they are saying in numbers.  

“They are saying it without opening their mouths, that I am a criminal, not permitted on government premises to do the job that I was hired to do.”  

Standing in solidarity with teachers was parent Darren Sargent. 

“Monday morning when I brought my child here on the first day of school there was a problem.  This has been going on for two weeks now,” Sargent said. 

“Now Monday morning put a book there, let the parents sigh a petition. If the principal need to leave, we’ll do it.  That’s it, end of story.”

Teachers say the protest will continue until the minister of education addresses all their concerns, apologizes and the principal is removed.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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