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Shantytown Injunction Disturbing

Shantytown Committee Chairman, Senator Dion Foulkes has been given firm instructions despite the Supreme court granting an injunction blocking the demolition of Shantytowns in the capital.

The work is to continue  which  calls for pushing ahead with plans to move  into the family islands.

“We have already established a taskforce in Abaco which is almost 90 percent completed with their survey,” Foulkes said.

“They have to go to Hope Town this coming weekend and we anticipate that they will be finished by early next week.

“So we should get a good picture in terms of the population of the five shantytowns in Abaco and in Hope Town.”

The ministry will establish a taskforce in Eleuthera to address a total of 11 Shantytowns there; the largest in Spanish Wells.

When asked if he thinks the injunction impedes the work of the task force, Minister Foulkes said ultimately, it’s the court’s decision. 

“We live in a democratic society and every person who lives within The Bahamas has the right to access our legal process.  It’s something that’s constitutionally guaranteed and I leave it to the courts to decide.”

Meantime, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader, Philip Davis, yesterday weighed in on the Shantytown injunction.

The Opposition Leader told members of the press that he is always concerned when the court grants an injunction against the crown, regardless of who’s the government.

“I have always thought and in my practice,  when you’re suing the government, and you’re seeking an injunction against the government, at the very least what should happen is that the government should be made aware of what’s going on and they be present. 

“It should never be ex parte,” he said. 

“We understand the concern about what I call the urgency of the matter. The judges will be alerted  to the urgency of the matter.

“But judges ought to in my opinion, seek to at least have the crown present where injunction is being sought against it.

“It should always be considerably ex parte with the hearing of the person affected being present.”

The Opposition Leader’s comments come as the PLP held its monthly press briefing yesterday, at its Farrington Road Headquarters. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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