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Rotarian Celebrates 40 Years of Service

Dedicated to the Rotary Club of West Nassau for 40 years, noted political enthusiast Reverend CB Moss was honored for his service by the Rotary Club during a luncheon at Poop Deck West on Thursday.

Rev. Moss, who also celebrated for 50 years of marriage, said his zeal for Rotary is to help those in need.

“I am so grateful to be here today to share this heartwarming experience with all of you, and I have always had the pleasure of realizing that instead of people thanking me, I should thank them,” Rev. Moss said.

“I love Rotary. Rotary to me is a part of my life. I owe Rotary a lot. It has provided me opportunity to demonstrate what I was capable of doing and what I wanted to do.

“To me, it is the essence of freedom to say and do what exactly as I want to, within parameters of course, which means then that whatever I do, I don’t do it for people, I benefit more than them.

“This club has given me far more than I could ever give this club, true relationships.”

Although being honored for his years of service, Rev. Moss stated that he did not serve that length of time to be noticed or for recognition.

“My 40 years of attendance is not just for recognition because I don’t care about recognition, but the 40 years of perfect attendance is a sign of my commitment to Rotary,” Mr. Moss said.

Past presidents Rotary of West Nassau poured out accolades on Rev. Moss’ behalf and hailed him as a man of enthusiasm and true leadership.

“CB Moss is a household name and is a man of very strong convictions,” Past President Michael Hepburn said.

“His wife is full of stories about his character, his strong sense of commitment, his love of family, his dedication to God and his love for Bahamian people.

“It is his commitment and love of people that he installed in Commonwealth Bank that is still one of the cornerstones of that bank today, helping the small man.

“CB found it hard to turn down a needy person. For that he has earned the love and the loyalty of thousands of Bahamians.

“He is also a man of strong conviction.”

Rev. Moss was the first to chair Hands Across The Bahamas, more than 20 years ago which raised more than $500,000 that was used to fund the building of a detoxification unit that is on the grounds of the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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