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Royal Bahamas Defense Force Commodore Tellis Bethel  says  that officers have to pay closer attention the the vessels crossing our waters as migrants and poachers are changing their means of transpiration. 

Commodore Bethel  said “The Defense Force continues to maintain a patrol in the Southern Bahamas, and of course, we would have has several incidents where we would have apprehended migrants.”

This time of year, you have the cold fronts that come through, and they take advantage of the strong wind. Also, we’ve realized for some time that they have been shifting the means of transport.

“They’re using the more modern type of yachts. So, you have to be on the lookout for not just the regular wooden sloop, but modern sailing vessels as well.” , he said. 

As for the poachers, Commodore Bethel told  reporters last Wednesday that  there seems to be an improvement following quite a number of apprehensions last year. 

He said, “some reports that we’re getting from the local fishing community is that there seems to be no interference with the Dominicans. However, we also note that they have also shifted their means of poaching.

“What we have observed now,  is that they’re using smaller, go-fast type of vessels to fish near Inagua, and as close to the Dominican Republic; but we’ve had some success in apprehending them as well,”  he said.

The Commodore said that the RBDF is networking with local partner agencies like Immigration, as well as regional partners like the American Coast  Guard. 

This, he said, helps in terms of feeding information. 

He added that he expects to accomplish much more in the coming months. 

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