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PLP Chooses all Young Nominees for Vice Chairman Position

The Progressive Liberal Party backs up its notion that it’s a party of the young people.

Just a few days after Minister of Labour Shane Gibson spoke on Love 97’s ‘Issues of the Day’, declaring that the PLP has always been a party for the young generation, the party made a declarative decision to choose 12 of its Vice Chairman nominees, who are between the ages of 25-45.

One of the candidates being, Pia Glover, and she says the pick should come as no surprise to anyone.

“To me this goes back to Sir Lynden’s time when all these young people wanted to step up and take leadership roles, so that was exciting for the party and that was what was said.”

“People say that’s a new day, this is not a new day young people have always been empowered by this party,” Ms. Glover said.

“Twelve young professional qualified party members presented to run for positions of Vice Chair,” she added.

Normally, the party would have picked five candidates of 12 competing nominees.

Ms. Glover says although there was a twist it stands in the constitution for the party to have picked five.

“There would’ve only been five to be elected so 12 were running for five spots but based on our constitution, five can be elected but seven can be appointed, so that’s the 12. So the leadership saw that in their vision,” she said.

“A decision was made and there was need for a run off. We will wait to see how our chairman will structure these 12.”

The positions are said to be given to each of the 12 early this week.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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