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‘Why the PLP?’ Cooper Answers

Answering the question as to why support the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), standard-bearer for the PLP in the constituency of Exuma and Ragged Island I. Chester Cooper gave delegates on the closing night of the party’s 52nd National Convention a myriad of reasons why the party is still the party of choice.


“When people ask me Chester, why the PLP I tell them my story because it’s a story of empowerment against great odds.


“We celebrate a party committed to empowering, where like myself more Bahamians, whether from Acklins or Andros or Exuma or Palm Beach Street can have big, big aspirations, to not only survive but to thrive; not only to have a job in our Bahamas but to have their piece of the economic pie.


“To own, to build, and to grow not only small business, but an enterprise like I did,” Mr. Cooper said.

Mr. Cooper further noted that the PLP is the right choice as the foundation of the party stands more solid than other political parties.

“I point to a very sound foundation built by the PLP like the Central Bank, the NIB, BAMSI, Bahamas Venture Fund, COB and the University of The Bahamas,” Mr. Cooper stated.

Mr. Cooper further noted that the PLP is also concerned with building up of the Bahamian people.

“The PLP understands the importance of buiding institutions and the PLP understands that nation buiding is serious business

Mr. Cooper continued on to note that the PLP over the last five years has had many accomplishments.

“I cite a few of our many accomplishments of the last five years. The PLP ‘s Christie administration has attracted $7.8 billion of foreign direct investments in The Bahamas since 2012.

“Our PLP has reformed Social Services, launched a National Training Agency to prepare our youth. Our PLP has sought to reform our tax system and make it more efficient.

“Our PLP collaborated with the private sector did the heavy lifting and made it happen,” Mr. Cooper said.

With a background in finances Mr. Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, President and Principal of British American Financial Limited also noted that his work in the PLP will be focused on helping other young entrepreneurs.

“I must continue the fight for more business friendly reforms, technical support more funding for SAE’s so that more young people across The Bahamas in Exuma and Ragged Island may have more opportunities like I did,” he said.

Noting that the party is without its flaws, Mr. Cooper concluded his remarks by reiterating why the PLP is the party of choice.

“Let me be clear our PLP is not perfect and we still have a lot of work to do for our people, but pound for pound the PLP is still the best choice to lead in the continual transformation of our Bahamas,” Mr. Cooper said.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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