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Contracts for significant capital works at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) were signed yesterday at the Public Hospital Authority’s Corporate Offices.  

Signing on behalf of the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) were Julian Rolle, Chairman of the PHA Board of Directors and Catherine E. Weech, Managing Director.

  The first contract which was signed with Waugh Construction, calls for the replacement of a 55,000-gallon water storage, gravity fed tank at the hospital’s southern campus area, commonly called the Hilltop.  

The original tank which was  to  eliminate water shortages and low-pressure potable water supplies to the hospital, had deteriorated over time, requiring replacement.  Signing on behalf of Waugh Construction was Kevin Waugh, President of the company.

The second contract related to works at PMH allows for the construction of a new Patient Registration Department, as part of the ongoing  Accident  and Emergency Care Project.  The contract was awarded to Telco Enterprizes Limited.  

The updated design calls for the construction of six individual registration cubicles,  which will enhance patient privacy.  Also included in the design are client friendly cashiers’ windows improving patient privacy and security  and a small common waiting area.  

High end security systems will be installed along with sound absorption flooring and energy conserving LED lighting.  

The construction of the new Registration Department is expected to be completed in approximately seven weeks.  Signing on behalf or Telco Enterprizes Ltd was Floyd Wilmott.

Three contracts for major roofing repairs at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) were signed with Complete Maintenance Group, RB Construction, and M and N Renovation and Builders.  Works will include the repair and replacement of the existing roofing finishes.  

The areas designated for renovation include the old Adolescent Ward, Maximum Security Ward, Doctors Lounge, Sewing Room, Pump Houses, Deputy Principal Nursing Officer’s Office, and the Eloise Penn Ward.  

The completion of the roofing work at Sandilands is aimed at securing the facility in preparation for the 2019 Hurricane Season and beyond.  The roof repairs are expected to be completed in approximately eight weeks.

The cumulative value of the contracts signed this morning total over $860,000.

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