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The Democratic National Alliance (DNA)  says the Bahamian people must discourage public shaming on social media.   DNA’s Spokesperson for Social Services and Urban Development,  E. Corderro Armbrister, said, “recently, videos of a disturbing nature have been circulating depicting our nation’s youth in a less than savory manner.” 

In  a press statement he said, “we in the DNA implore agents of the Department of Social Services to heighten their alert and conduct investigations into the homes and environments of these young individuals where and when necessary. Often, matters of this nature are overlooked or taken for granted until it becomes a substantial problem in our society that is beyond control.

“In addition, we in the DNA caution parents/guardians or close relatives and friends to cease their recording of these terrible acts and consequent uploading and sharing of the same via social media. The risk of our children being psychologically damaged permanently as result of public shaming is too great a risk to continue this ill-advised behavior.

“The DNA cautions the youth of our nation to be very mindful of their actions and what they post in the public forum whether of themselves or others.  They should also consider the wise saying that what you give to the world you can’t take back.

“As a final note,” he said, “ Parliamentarians, particularly the members who have responsibility for the Ministries Of Social Service and Urban Development, National Security and Education should champion legislation with penalties as well as agitate, foster and implement programs which create increased awareness to prevent and discourage members of society from posting damaging videos up on the internet involving adolescents,” said Mr. Armbrister.

He said, “We must consider as Bahamians what kind of society we would like to cultivate for the next generation of Bahamians and act in a manner that can bring about change in a more positive and productive manner.” 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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