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Opposition To Boycott Parliament

The Progressive Liberal Party announced yesterday that the entire PLP parliamentary caucus will boycott the House of Assembly for a period.

The prosecution’s threat comes on the heels of four Grand Bahamians – all believed to be Progressive Liberal Party supporters being arrested and escorted before a magistrate in New Providence on charges of fraud and money laundering.

Opposition Leader Phillip Davis  yesterday  called it a criminalization of politics and the erosion of democracy.

“I want to remind the Prime Minister that it is not Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union.

“We do not apprehend, imprison and deny the rights of political opposites. We are better than that.

“We are a God- fearing, loving people who hold sacred the rule of law,” he said.

The PLP  claimed  that Tuesday’s events were a clear indication of embarrassment by multiple members of the cabinet for their role in the Frank Smith trial. 

Reiterating an argument made by Party Chairman Fred Mitchell in a release Tuesday evening, Mr. Davis reasoned that the four defendants were deliberately taken to court after hours so they could not apply for bail to the Supreme Court and instead had to spend the night behind bars.

“Additionally, the defendants were denied access to attorneys. Michelle Reckley was not allowed to be properly clothed  nor bring her medication.

“The court dockets have no complainants listed on the docket, so the defendants do not know who their accusers are.

“Additionally, no meals were provided for the defendants. Does the government not understand, after Frank  Smith, how these abuses are viewed?” 

“Or, in fact, is that their goal- to send a message throughout the land that political opponents will be treated in this manner?” 

“Are they celebrating their abuse of power? What has the Frank Smith trial cost the taxpayers to date?” The opposition Leader asked.  

When asked, Mr. Davis said he does not know how long the boycott will last, but that it must be done to convey the serious state the nation is in.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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