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Mitchell Chides FNM Government


The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is sounding the alarm for justice as PLP Chairman, Fred Mitchel said the party is convinced that the government is on the attack of the party’s supporters.

Mr. Mitchell’s comments came after the party learned that several former public service workers, who were on contract, were to be hauled before the courts on fraud and money laundering charges.

In a press release, Mr. Mitchell said, “the Party officials learned with chagrin  that the FNM government has arrested a number of individuals who worked out of Freeport in the public service on contract and who are supporters of the PLP.

“This is a great shame and disgrace and an injustice.  It is again slave shaming.

“The idea is to parade the individuals  through the streets of Freeport, its airport  and in Nassau to frighten those who support the PLP and intimidate those who wish to turn to the PLP.

“It is an entirely politically driven persecution,” Mr. Mitchell said.

When, the PLP Senator spoke with this Journal, he lamented that the government’s attack on its political opponents is a direct result of egg on its face following what he called a botched case against Former PLP MP, Frank Smith.

Two weeks ago, the former Public Hospitals Authority chairman was acquitted of all 15 charges of bribery and extortion, brought against him back in 2016.

“We’re very concerned, because after 20 months of this administration being in power, they moved again. The FNM has moved again to what appears to us to go against their political opponents for political purposes and we want to be sure that our supporters are on guard against this.

“What of course is happening is there’s a tide which has turned against the Free National Movement and it appears to us that what’s happening is a direct result of this botched Frank Smith case and they are now engaging once again in victors justice by sending their prosecutorial dogs out against PLP supporters,” Mr. Mitchell said.

He further chided the government adding that, “The former prime minister, Hubert Ingraham, who is one of them, once said that scores are settled at 6pm on election day. So, what is happening by this FNM administration in both an unusual and extraordinary measure.

“They ought to know what the Bible says that  ‘when you sow to the wind you reap a whirlwind’,” Mr. Mitchell said.


Considering that several of the accused are from Grand Bahama, Mr. Mitchell further questioned why they had to be brought to Nassau for arraignment.

“We are advised that they [were] to be brought to Nassau to be charged in the courts here which of course is another egregious issue because they live in Grand Bahama.

“Why would you do that? why would you do that, unless you are trying to inflict pain and punishment, not by the trial itself,  but by parading them through the streets of Freeport, the airport and here in Nassau,” Mr. Mitchell said.

In the press release, Mr. Mitchell accused the government of being an insensitive government with ice water running through its veins.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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