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Mitchell says Minnis unfit for position

Amidst allegations that he along with the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP) have given out citizenships left right and center to win the elections, Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell says the claims are libelous, defamatory and there are costs for   engaging in such activity.


“I have six years to bring an action in defamation. Time is therefore longer than rope.  I hope when this silly season is over, that he is able to learn the difference between facts and fictions, fair comment and defamation,” he said.


In the statement released by Mr. Mitchell, he addresses the statement to which Dr. Minnis is using as evidence for his accusations.


“The statement made by me on Saturday 8th of April which he sought to answer are statements of policy not personal invective,” he said.


“He has still not answered the fundamental issues: would the FNM fire the 3500 workers that there are being put on the permanent pensionable? Would the FNM fire those in the empowerment programme? These are all policies of the PLP to protect public sector jobs,” said Minister Mitchell.


As it relates to Bahamians and jobs, Dr. Minnis also made the following claims.


“At a PLP rally on Claridge Park Saturday night, soon to be former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell told PLP supporters that should they want to continue on in the Christie administrations’ jobs program introduced last year, they must vote PLP,” he said.


“He added that if the 3,500 civil servants Christie has pledged to make permanent and pensionable want to receive that status, they must vote PLP.”


Dr. Minnis says, “little surprised him anymore when it comes to Mr. Mitchell and hawking jobs, is a “new low.”


Mr. Mitchell however holds that the PLP believes in jobs for the country’s citizens and protecting the country and its workers.







Written by Jones Bahamas

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