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Mitchell Denies PLP Internal Conflict Claims

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell denied claims on Tuesday of an internal conflict within the PLP. 

In a local daily, former Tall Pines Member of Parliament Leslie Miller accused Mitchell of not looking out for his colleagues who want to run again in the 2022 general election. 

The chairman said all members are on the same page and the party is more united since the 2017 election.

“We believe the organization is decided on its leadership, where it’s headed, where it wants to go. If you look at the empirical evidence of the one contest at the very top that turned out to be 807 to 341, that’s a convincing victory,” Mr. Mitchell explained. 

“It says that the party is going in a very specific direction and I think that all the members will go forward in that direction.” 

He went further to refute reports published in the local daily about a civil war sparked within the opposition party.

“That’s not so – that’s a figment of their imagination. Of course, they’d want it to be that way. They also said that we don’t have females elected and of course, females are throughout the system,” Mr. Mitchell rebutted. 

“We have vice chairs who were just elected. We have people who were just elected to the leadership council. Robyn Lynes, as the deputy chair. So, that’s not true either.” 

Mitchell cautioned of picking isolated quotes from individual members and turning them into sensational headlines, as it is a tactic for selling papers, but not an example of the reality within the party.

The party is currently trying to recruit persons to represent the party, especially in the St. Barnabas, Centreville, and Marathon constituencies. 

Mitchell, who is also a former Fox Hill MP, has put out a call to the public to get familiarized with neighbourhoods and with the election process. 

The chairman continued, “We want the candidates who end up running for office for the Progressive Liberal Party to represent the full demographic of the country across the generations, so there’s a mix of people who actually end up in the government. 

“We think that one of the issues that faces this government is that is there is too much inexperience. So they’ve just been but around, just trying to get hold of what is actually happening. So what we’re trying to do is avoid that.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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