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Ministry of Works Employees Fined For Stealing Asphalt

The men accused of stealing Asphalt from by Ministry of Works were formally charged Friday by Magistrate Court.

Three employees of Ministry of Works and a truck driver were brought back to Magistrate Court for a status hearing where they were each fined $5,372 for their involvement in the theft of six tons of Asphalt.

44 year old Ron Austin of Gladstone Road; 34 year old Kenley Saunders of Gamble Heights; 56 year old Joseph Marshall of Canaan Lane and 50 year old Dwain Campbell, all spent a day in prison before being formally charged.

They all pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit stealing by reason of employment and stealing by reason of employment.

A fifth man, Myron Smith, 35, of Pastel Gardens, pleaded not guilty plea however and will go to trial on March 8.

The prosecutor, Inspector Philip Davis stated that earlier this month, January 11th, Permanent Secretary Antoinette Thompson reported the theft of the asphalt to police.

Davis said the men used the asphalt to pave a private driveway on Wulff Road back on December 6th 2017; the incident was recorded on video.

It was noted in court that Austin, Marshall and Saunders are employees of Ministry of Works, while Campbell’s company was contracted to provide trucking services.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney ordered the men to pay the fine in full or risk spending a year in prison.

They were also ordered to share the value of the stolen asphalt by each paying $372 dollars.

Ron Austin, Joseph Marshall and Kenley Saunders were represented by Keith Seymour. Ian Cargill appeared for Dwain Campbell and Alex Morley represented Myron Smith.

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