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Gov’t Works To Protect Future Boaters

Minister of Transport  and Local Government, Frankie Campbell says that the government will put in place maritime standards to protect future boaters following that tragic boating explosion, where the life of an American newlywed was lost.

The woman identified as Malika Jackson, along with her husband and 10 others, including two Bahamians were on board the vessel when it  exploded  in waters in Barretarre, Exuma – less than one mile from Smith’s Creek. 

According to reports, three of the six people injured have been released while the others remain hospitalized – two of them in the intensive care unit.

Minister Campbell said that the Port Department is actively investigating the incident, along with Captain Cyril Morley, Registered Port Inspector and Surveyor, New Providence police, and Exuma officials. 

“We are working to ensure that our local maritime standards are consistent with the standards that we set for our flying registry,” he said.

“I don’t want this to be perceived by members of the public as a knee jerk reaction to this particular incident, but efforts will continue between the Bahamas Maritime Authority and the Port Department, to ensure that our inspectorate regime is consistent and efficient.”

Mr. Campbell noted that the regulatory framework will be put in place to ensure that boating vessels meet local maritime standards and remain consistent – working to protect the future of boaters.

“I  want to say how saddened we are that persons were injured and one person actually lost their life. 

“We will to the extent that we can, do all that is possible to ensure that there is no repeat of such an incident,” he said.

While it has not been confirmed what the cause of the explosion was at this time, according to Acting Port Controller, Commander Raymond King, the boats engines were not affected.

Mr. Campbell said he is uncertain as to how long the investigation will be ongoing, but as for now, the Bahamian registered boating company, 4C’s Adventure, owned by Mr. Clayton Paterson Smith, is under a  cease and desist order and is prevented from undertaking any operations at this time pending the completion of the Port Department’s investigation.

Meanwhile, according to reports, arrangements for the transfer of an American male patient receiving care in the Intensive Care Unit at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) to Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been facilitated.

The patient was airlifted yesterday afternoon from Nassau, Bahamas to Florida.

Further arrangements are being made to airlift the remaining two American female patients to the United States. 

U.S Embassy Officials, along with officials at the Princess Margaret Hospital are working with the family of the deceased, to facilitate the transfer of the remains of Malika Jackson.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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