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Gov’t To Focus On Fixed election dates

Attorney General  Carl Bethel indicated in his 2018/2019 budget contribution in the Senate that the idea of having fixed election dates  is still very much the focus of the  government.

The Attorney General continued to push the whole idea of having fixed election dates as promised by the government on the campaign trail, but there are a few aspects he says the public must accept.

He said, “I want to tell you that even in Britain where they have a law for fixed election date, the Prime Minister and parliament which is sovereign and parliament in the Bahamas which is sovereign under the constitution,  still has the right to call a snap election. We saw that with Theresa May.”

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May last April did called a snap election, at the time contending that opposition parties had been trying to thwart her efforts to leave the European Union.

In the end, she was surprised when the poll backfired.  Ms. May’s 40 votes in parliament turned into minus 10 votes.

However, the idea of a fixed election date is not a new argument. The Democratic National Alliance has been pushing for such since its inception.

It is  one of several issues the  new Law Reform commissioner Dame Anita Allen will reportedly  look at.

According to the Attorney General, the former Court of Appeal President has already completed a thorough review of the immigration laws.

“I am confident that over the coming years Bahamians everywhere will benefit from a wealth a judicial knowledge and experience as she moves to address critical areas such as the reform of our electoral laws, land reform, reform of our companies act, reform of our entire immigration act, inclusive of those areas where we seek to provide a legal revenue for those who illegally land in The Bahamas, but don’t actually set foot in The Bahamas,” the Attorney General said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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