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Foulkes: Shantytowns In Decline

Since the Shantytown Audit, the number of shantytowns in New Providence has been lowered to ten, as one has already been destroyed, forcing its residents to relocate. 

According to the Head of the Shantytown Committee,  Senator Dion Foulkes, contrary to popular beliefs, non-Bahamians are not the only ones who call these  inhumane, unregulated communities home. 

“Some Bahamians may say they are  all illegals and kick them out, [but] no they’re not,” he said.

“Bahamians live in the shantytowns; Bahamians from generations live in the shantytowns,” he added.

“You have persons with spousal wok permits who are married to Bahamians who live in the shantytowns, you have persons with permanent resident status who live in the shantytowns.

“You have a large section with work permits who live in the shantytowns.

“The amount of illegal immigrants who live in the shantytowns is extremely small, ” he said. 

As for Abaco shantytowns, Senator Foulkes said they’re doing what they believe is right, and as sensibly and humanely as possible. 

“We want to do this in a sensitive and humane fashion, and you’re dealing with children under the age of 18; 45 percent of all the residents in these Shantytowns are children under the age of 18.

“So whatever we do, we are to be cognizant of that,” he added.  

“Furthermore there are a lot of complications involving the utilities and there are some people who have legal hookups, legal connections with cable, water, and electricity.”

The government has imposed a July 31st 2019 deadline for the remaining shantytowns in Abaco to be abolished.

However, unlike in New Providence, those residents have limited alternate housing facilities. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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