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FNM Candidate in Vehicles Scandal

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts uncovered documents confirming Free National Movement North Eleuthera candidate Howard Rickey Mackey’s involvement in a scandal over a stolen vehicle and a fleet of unlicensed vehicles in Eleuthera.


Yesterday, Roberts revealed that Mackey is driving a stolen luxury 2014 Infiniti Jeep, which has no record of being imported to The Bahamas.


Roberts explained that the vehicle, with a Florida license plate, AFQN72 DECAL 05373599, was stolen from Florida in 2013.


Upon investigation, no records existed to verify the importation of the vehicle to The Bahamas and there is no record of the vehicle and the importer, the PLP chairman noted.


“This vehicle was found on Harbour Island with Harbour Island license plate No. 1832 and licensed up to August 2017. The car was in the possession of Howard Rickey Mackey and driven by him,” Roberts added.


Roberts also obtained the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), JN8CS1MU6EM450864, and said it was confirmed by Enterprises Holding Rental (EHR) located in Florida.


Enterprises Holding Rental, according to Roberts, also confirmed that at the time of the reported theft on December 3, 2013, the Infinity Jeep was rented to a Bahamian female who currently resides in Abaco.


As a result of this latest revelation, Roberts said Mackey is not fit for public office and he is urging voters in North Eleuthera to reject Mackey on Election Day.


The PLP chairman is now questioning how Mackey obtained the license plate No. 1832 because it remains a mystery to this date.


“It is also a mystery whether or not the vehicle was ever insured,” Roberts said.


“Shortly after I disclosed the non-payment of customs duties dating back to 2001, Howard Ricky Mackey caused for the stolen vehicle to be taken to the Governor’s Harbour Police compound where he reported to the police that he has reasons to believe the vehicle was stolen.”


In addition, Roberts revealed that Mackey has a fleet of unlicensed vehicles operating on the streets of Harbour Island and Eleuthera.


Calling Mackey a “tax ducker”, Roberts said Mackey owes the Road Traffic Department approximately $21,425 dating back to 2009.

He pointed out that this scandal also raises the question as to whether the fleet of vehicles is insured, including a propane truck.


Roberts also claimed that Mackey has no liability insurance on his propane business in Harbour Island and the staff there are not trained and licensed.


“Recently, an untrained and unlicensed employee of Howard Rickey’s uninsured LPG business was injured when the diver of Mackey’s Gas Truck accidentally opened the nozzle on the valve causing gas to escape,” Roberts explained.


“I am advised that Mackey has a Certificate of Competency for LPG and had started the licensing process some two months ago, but had not return the application with the required liability insurance to date. People on Harbour Island have serious concerns that Mackey parks his propane truck in such close proximity to residential homes.”








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