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“Try Me, Fire Me” – Parker Edgecombe

Before scores of Free National Movement (FNM) supporters on Monday night in Bimini, the party’s West End and Bimini candidate Pakeisha Parker-Edgecombe challenged supporters to “fire” her if she does not successfully perform after being elected as their area representative.


The FNM is counting on Mrs. Parker-Edgemcombe in this her second attempt, to defeat incumbent Obie Wilchcombe at the polls on Election Day.


“Come Election Day let’s show them what it’s really about. Let’s show them how it can be done. Put me there! Give me a try! If I don’t prove it, then fire me too! But get me there Bimini. Let me work for you! FNMs! FNMs,” she exclaimed.


Equally determined to conquer the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government, FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis called on voters to see the governing party for what they really are.


According to the FNM leader, the PLP is really “an elite business group who uses politics to serve the corrupt interest of themselves, their families and their lovers”.


Meanwhile, Dr. Minnis pledged that once his party becomes government, there will be economic opportunities for young people in Bimini.


“We believe young people, particularly South Bimini, should have housing opportunities like larger islands. Therefore, we will build an affordable housing development so every Biminite can fulfill their dream of owning their own home,” Dr. Minnis said.


Additionally, he promised to address Bimini’s healthcare and educational needs.


“We will ensure your healthcare needs are fully addressed.


“Education is the key to your future development. We will also ensure that you have proper library facilities with computer access. Many of your children leave Bimini to travel to New Providence to attend the University of The Bahamas.


“Your FNM government will ensure that your children who are accepted will attend the university free,” Dr. Minnis said.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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