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Flowers defends authorities On search efforts

Former pilot Craig Flowers has taken exception to the criticism of authorities in connection to the search and recovery efforts for missing pilot Byron Ferguson. 

He says that the Ferguson family had no right to conduct their own search while investigations are ongoing.

Mr. Flowers added that there is a procedure to be followed in these situations.

“The defense Force would’ve made a decision on whether there is any sign of life for us to have to intervene or assist. 

“The first responders primarily have the responsibility to see if there was any one around in a raft anywhere that I can offer assistance to. 

“If the aircraft is submerged or goes down under the water, the first thing you have to do is to determine whether or not there is anyone here that I can help and they have the authority to make this decision, because that’s what they do. 

“They are our officials to determine at sea what the position is and when they make that decision, we have to stand by their decision,”  Mr. Flowers  said.    

The Businessman who was a  Pilot Trainer in the Middle East some  years ago, chided  the public, who he believes  has been unfair to the Defence Force – all due to a lack of information.

“The public just needed to be educated. The incident that took place, speaking from the information that I was provided with, when you have an unregistered aircraft which is US registered,  it will be controlled by the FAA. 

“This incident that took place in our country should have been defined very quickly by Civil Aviation and the authorities here and turned over to the authorities here. 

“This aircraft and the contents of it is the property of the United States and the US and the FAA are the ones who are to carry out the investigation,” he said. 

The former pilot’s comments come days after authorities defended the search and rescue efforts into missing pilot Byron Ferguson.

Defense Force  Officers said  that contrary to reports, the search for the 34-year-old pilot as well as his six-seater Aztec never stopped.

Mr. Flowers comments came during Love 97’s daily talk show Issues of the day on yesterday.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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