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EDITORIAL — The Need For Critical Thinking

One of the biggest companies in the United States of America had for many years a one word motto: Think. In this age of technology when there are many intellectually lazy individuals, far too many people refuse or hate to think deeply.

When one listens or speaks to some Bahamians it is easy to walk away or conclude that we must work harder to guard against an anti-intellectual society.
Many Bahamian scholars have long concluded that our system of education for decades has been teaching young Bahamians how to do, but not how to think.

We are often confounded for instance by how many Bahamians are prepared to defend wrong or those who appear unable to decipher right from wrong in the face of an abundance of evidence of what is right. Just like many misguided Americans who support Donald Trump despite the felonies against him, many Bahamians make judgments based on emotions and not on data or intelligence. In the case of Trump, who has been indicted 91 times in four jurisdictions, some Bahamians are prepared to excuse him for all of the charges brought against him.

In the current war between the Israelis and Palestinians there are many who take sides in the issue without listening, reading the facts, or the historical context of the conflict. No one should condone violence by any group. Mankind everywhere should be in search of peace and justice.

In our politics in the Bahamas, there are people who would support a particular party or candidate no matter how wrong the individual is, or how the organization lacks vision or has no plan for the future growth and development of the country.
We opined on numerous occasions that democracy can only work as well as it should when people are well educated and are prepared to be honest.

There is no doubt that intellectual dishonesty is the cause of poor governance and the under-development of a people. This is seen in many countries of the world where the citizens are prepared or content to turn a blind eye towards corruption, malfeasance or the incompetence of leaders. Many organizations in our society suffer the same fate, whether it is found in churches or civic groups. People simply are quite willing to be obsequious or pander to leaders in the face of bad performance or incompetence.

We need to develop a low tolerance on corrupt behaviors like the abuse of power, cheating, stealing and lying.

If the Bahamas as a nation is to grow and develop as it ought, young Bahamians have to learn early to think critically and to be honest on their dealings, truthful in their words and pure in their thoughts.

The enemy to the individual is found in the mind. We have to work to develop young Bahamians with minds who are able to call a spade by its right name. After all a well educated person is one who is able to make good decisions for life.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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