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Easy Payday Expands Family Island Services

Keile Campbell
Journal Staff Writer

As financial services become less and less available to Bahamians on the Family Islands,
with banking franchises closing more and more locations, one Bahamian company seeks to
do the opposite of the trend by appointing more mobile agents throughout the Family Islands.
A leading financial institution, Easy Payday has lent funds to both private and government
sector workers since 2004 and now looks to expand those services to Bahamians no matter
where they are located in The Bahamas.
Easy Payday’s Communications Officer Davinia Munroe said customer engagement and
satisfaction has increased through the Family Islands since appointing mobile agents, adding
that the business expansion initiative adds a friendly Family Island face to their fast loan
services nationwide.
“The positive feedback is encouraging and confirms that our Family Island face-to-face
services are preferred by those not wanting to use our online lending facility or who can’t get
into our Nassau offices,” she said.
In the last parliamentary session, there were several occasions where both the incumbent
government and the official opposition have voiced their displeasure towards foreign banks
either consolidating or closing entire branches in the region.
However, though Easy Payday is a loan facility rather than a bank, there is still a
consideration for persons not keen on using the online platform to conduct monetary
Ms. Munroe confirmed as much, stating that face-to-face services are preferred by their
customers who do not want to use the online lending facility available or do not have access
to Easy Payday offices in Nassau.
This sentiment was concurred by some of the newly hired agents, such as Aveisha Mckenzie,
who said her new position as an Easy Payday agent operating in Exuma, allowed her to give
back to her community.
“Most persons are not computer savvy and are unable to go to Nassau. I am able to give
Exuma residents personalized service in securing needed loans, whether for small business
inventory or back-to-school shopping. This on-island presence helps,” she said.
Lakera Taylor, who will be operating from Long Island, spoke on behalf of her community
stating that “Given our limited banking options, many locals often find themselves in need of
a financial bridge, especially as many residents find it challenging to travel to Nassau for
Back in June, before the proroguing of parliament, Shadow Minister of Finance Kwasi

Thompson mentioned in the House of Assembly that despite both sides seemingly voicing
their displeasure of what banks are doing – especially on the Family Islands, that Prime
Minister Philip Davis has not made it a priority of the government’s agenda.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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