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Newly Renovated Clinic in Eleuthera Opens

Bluff Opening

Journal Staff Writer

The newly renovated clinic in The Bluff, Eleuthera officially opened last week Friday.
Health officials, Nurses’ Union President, Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Michael Darville
and MP for North Eleuthera Sylvanus Petty all attended the opening ceremony with Dr. Darville
calling it a red-letter day on the island.
He said the clinic stands as a proud monument of service for the residents to have such a facility
to support the healthcare needs of the community.
“What you see going here on The Bluff is reflective of what’s going on in all our islands
throughout the country, he said.
“I’m excited about where we’re going. I’m excited about our partners with the IDB.
“We have resources and we’re going to utilize the resources to bring positive change for
communities throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
“Thank you. God bless you all. Thank you so much, the Hudson family. Thank you so much for
our nurses, our healthcare staff, those who are in North Eleuthera, those who came from Central
and Southern Eleuthera.
“God bless you and let’s get this clinic up and going. Utilize it to its maximum capacity and
always remember you must take charge of your own health.”
Dr. Darville pointed out all the other clinic upgrades in the works.
“You know, we’re working through all the clinics. We’re working with the clinic in Harbour
Island. We’re doing all these things. I realize I just spoke to the nurse today,” he said.
“The temporary air condition we put in Harbour Island, that gone. But we did order the 10 ton.
The 10-ton units, they’re not sitting on the shelves. They need to be manufactured.
“And that’s what happened with the flow chains that exist around the world. I have a similar
problem at the accident emergency with the chiller system.
“I can’t just go to the shop and get it. When the compressor go, I got to order it, and they got to
make it for me.
“But in the meantime, I have to be innovative and find ways how to keep our nurses and patients
comfortable until we resolve these complicated issues with mechanical failure.”

Dr. Darville encouraged residents to embrace this opportunity to prioritize their health and
wellness as the clinic will serve as the foundation for healthier living.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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