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Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis, Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Chester Cooper, and other government officials inspect buildings on Bay Street that are to be demolished. (BIS Photo - Kemuel Stubbs)

While the Davis Administration is being widely applauded for the demolition of buildings on Bay Street which have become eyesores, there are many political observers inside and outside the government who are calling for a general reset of the Cabinet and the mode of governance.

Prime Minister Philip Davis, some of his cabinet colleagues and other officials were on Bay Street on Wednesday on a tour of the dilapidated buildings prior to some of them being torn down. For many Bahamians, this represents the end of an era and the partial changing of the facade of the city, which is long overdue.

However, one insider of the administration who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Journal, “at this stage of the government’s term in office, it is appropriate for the Prime Minister to determine which of his Cabinet Ministers are assisting the government in its goals; those who are giving good service to the Bahamian people and to reassure the election of his government.

“If a Minister or a Member of Parliament is a hindrance to the objectives of the government, or good governance generally, this is the time to make the separation,” he said.

It is being suggested that the governing Progressive Liberal Party should go into a Conclave and come out refreshed to make changes and to reset the government.

“Mr. Davis should not be like his predecessor Perry Christie and hold on to political baggage which can cause the downfall of his government,” said a colleague.

A member of the National General Council of the PLP says, “the Bahamian voters have demonstrated on more than one occasion that they do not suffer gladly incompetence, stupidity or indeed arrogance.

“The recent Bahamian history has given truth to the adage: if you don’t listen you will feel,” he said.

While Mr. Davis and some of his Ministers are getting positive sentiments for performance, there is some dissatisfaction among supporters of both sides of the political divide on simple issues which can be resolved like the state of the environment and other social issues.

Some members of the public are quietly expressing their concerns on the stewardship and performance of Ministers who are not seen to be aggressive in addressing problems that have plagued average Bahamians for decades.

Many public servants are also privately campaigning for the removal of some Permanent Secretaries and senior public officers who are seemingly working against the interests of the government. 

Next month marks the second anniversary of the Davis administration.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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