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Davis Condemns Water Bill Accusations

Davis & Co condemned the Tribune’s headline yesterday which stated that the law firm owed $22,603.33 to the Water and Sewage Corporation.


The firm which is owned by Member of Parliament Philip Davis issued a statement yesterday claiming that there is a dispute between the firm and the Water and Sewage Corporation with regards to the exorbitant bills charged to the company.


“There exists a genuine commercial dispute with regards to the exorbitant bills charged to Davis & Co. The firm has written several times to the corporation and its lawyers with regards to the matter and in fact there have been several meetings with all parties with the intent of agreeing what is rightfully owed,” the statement read.

The statement said the letters the firm sent can be easily verified and Davis & Co. can also confirm considerable amounts paid despite other queries over the past few years.

“We would implore the Tribune and the media to get the facts from the professional management of the corporation and its attorneys and not allow the politic heads to lead you down a slippery slope,” the statement added.

According to the statement, the fact that the matter remains under dispute and has still not yet been resolved is very clear evidence that no special treatment or consideration was ever given to Davis & Co.

Davis also issued a statement yesterday condemning the newspaper which stated that he owed $2,334.21 at his Westridge residence.


He said he can produce proof of full payment for his residence that was made earlier this month.


Davis further condemned the newspaper by expressing that the article is nothing but a continuation of what has become a dangerous and vexatious political exercise by those opposite who fail to gather the true facts, while perpetuating a continued breach of confidentiality against citizens.

“The article presented does not present the full facts nor was I ever contacted to justify the same,” Davis said.

He added that he knew nothing of such a debt with the corporation and can produce proof of a full payment.

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