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Culmer: “ PLP Perfected Corruption”

Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer slamming Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell regarding comments he made last week on the FNM’s governance to this point.

Senator Mitchell  attacked  Culmer personally calling him blind, deaf and dumb to the suffering inflicted on the Bahamian people.

In a statement Culmer fired back saying Mitchell and the PLP were corrupt and dishonest during their tenure.

“To hear Fred Mitchell and his PLP cohorts tell it, The Bahamas would have witnessed a golden age under their failed and corrupt governance.  The truth as the people very well know is that our country suffered under five years of mismanagement and ineptitude that caused workers jobs and families their hopes and opportunities for the future.

“They were subject to a government that took corruption and perfected it as an art; where Mitchell and his cronies always took care of themselves first, and then either ignored the people or this country or gave them the scrapings from their plates.

“You would think that after losing an election by overwhelmingly historic proportions, Mr. Mitchell and his party would do some serious soul searching and plan to do better if given the opportunity.  However, instead the old, tired and corrupt PLP continue to march on under the old guard, blissfully ignorant of the sad state in which it left our country.  Clearly, the PLP had its chance to lead, but failed abysmally and the ramifications of its mismanagement and corruption reverberate through this country  today, even as our new FNM Government works to turn the page on that sad chapter in our country’s rich history.

“With the lack of a positive record or accomplishments, we can expect to hear more carnival barking from Mr. Mitchell and his sad cohort of PLP members,” Mr. Culmer said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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