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Seven persons were honoured  yesterday by The Coalition To Save Clifton on the twentieth anniversary of the organization. The honourees were  presented with plaques for their involvement in the  Coalition.

In a  gratification ceremony at the Poop Deck at the Sandy Port, Coalition President Rev. Dr.  C.B. Moss, said  the event was designated to bring together, in a social setting, some of those who were instrumental, firstly in saving, then protecting Clifton.

  He said the  reception was held to recognize and award those who went above and beyond and made extraordinary contributions in the fight to save Clifton.

“In the early 1990’s, the priceless site of Clifton faced destruction to make room for an exclusive upscale, gated community. In response, the Coalition to Save Clifton was formed.”

 He said with the help and support of many, many individuals, and organizations too numerous to mention, that project did not succeed.

Clifton is the only place in the country where three civilizations occupied the same pace, at different times; they were the Lucayans, followed by the loyalists and the slaves from Africa.  

Rev. Moss lamented that the coalition was, in the past, referred to, in the House of Assembly, as the tyrannical minority, but he  was happy to inform that it has now, in fact, proven to be the patriotic majority.

He said the reception was held to give those individuals and organizations an opportunity also receive the gratitude of the entire nation.

“Sometimes we don’t take time to do that, but one of the reasons why we are assembled here today, and to just share in that social interaction that we enjoy, ” said Rev. Moss.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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