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Change in Business at Lands and Survey

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis during his tour of the Department of Lands and Survey yesterday told the department that his government is not conducting business as usual anymore and not to expect instant results as his administration works to correct government agencies.

Speaking to the employees at Lands and Survey, Dr. Minnis also told them that ‘the people’ are the bosses and not the politicians.

“It will not be business as usual where you are dictated to by any politician and don’t let it happen again.

It’s reverse now and you are the bosses and you must tell the politicians and tell us all and advise us as to the direction you want your country to go. I am sure you want a better country.

“We cannot correct everything overnight, so don’t expect instant coffee.  This is percolating and it takes time,” Dr. Minnis said.

He further told the staff at the department that he intends to follow through with his promises to visit government agencies to see what is needed and how best their work environments can be improved.

“Since becoming prime minister of this country, and as you know, I do not have a ministry itself, however, there are quite a number of agencies under my portfolio, and I have taken it upon myself, and my other ministers will do the same to. We will visit all the various agencies under us.

“It is essential for us to see what the working conditions that you are working under and we want to experience first-hand and receive the information from you, yourselves as to what are your needs and your desires.

“As you know land is wealth and you play a very, very, important roll and it is essential for us to ensure that you have the necessary equipment,” Dr. Minnis indicated.

Dr. Minnis also spoke to the staff regarding the shortage of qualified surveyors.

“I know that we have a shortage of land surveyors. I’m told there is only one for the entire Family Islands.

“And it’s our program moving forward. We want to ensure that the young people within The Bahamas receive adequate land so that they can embark not only on business, but also their accommodations.

“Therefore, you have a very important roll to play and we would have to do more to ensure that we have more land surveyors so we can get that sorted out,” Dr. Minnis said.

In promising the employees that he will return, Dr. Minnis told the employees that he is actually employed by them and that he must report to them.

“Remember, as your employee, I must report to you, find out what are the issues, what you want me to do and I must return so that you can make determination that I am doing what you have directed me to do,” he said.

As a part of his administration’s mandate, Dr. Minnis told the staff gathered that improvements cannot be made overnight as they work to improve government facilities.

“We are discussing the budget to see how much money we can get for you and try to update you as best we can and improve your working conditions as best we can,” Dr. Minnis said.

Dr. Minnis’ visit to Lands and Survey, according to Acting Surveyor General Thomas Ferguson, is the first time a minister has visited the department since 1989.

Since being elected, Dr. Minnis has toured various government agencies to assess the working conditions and to see what improvements need to be made.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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