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Butler-Turner: Long Island Still Needs Help

With the kick off of the hurricane season just two weeks ago, MP for Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner says she is feeling “despondent” about not being able to impact her island as all of her funding has been disbursed.

About a handful of residents on the island still need assistance with hurricane efforts after Hurricane Joaquin. Mrs. Butler-Turner will not be able to access any funds until the end of the budget debate.

“I am very despondent about me not being able to directly impact anyone with my constituency funding until this budget exercised is over,” she said.

“I have totally expended my total constituency funding for the year.”

The hurricane season, which started on June 1 and ends in November, is already projected to be an above average hurricane season with as many as eight hurricanes forming and a total of three which are projected to be major storms.

Mrs. Butler-Turner went on to add that since the devastation of Hurricane Joaquin, the island has made considerate strides in improving the surroundings and infrastructure, however more than a handful of residents are still in need of assistance.

“If you’re a person who is still experiencing damage to your roof or other damages to your house, you still feel like enough isn’t being done,” she said.

“My concern right now is that we can certainly get the government to do a little more. The number is not as large as it was because people have done a lot of self-help. I cannot say specifically what our numbers are, but I know each day I am getting calls from individuals who need to have especially roof work done.”

Mrs. Butler Turner says that in the recent week there has been a great help from the outside community.

Long Island recently hosted its regatta.

However Mrs. Butler-Turner says the monies from that event would’ve only boosted the economic state of the island.

“If you’re coming from a huge deficit, which we were coming from, a lot of people were pretty much paying off bills that they incurred trying to remediate their situation,” the Long Island MP said.

“I can’t say that it has given a huge economic boost.”

Mrs. Butler-Turner says she is still appealing to the public for any assistance they may be able to offer in terms of restoration efforts not only in Long Island but also the other islands affected by Hurricane Joaquin.








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