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Christie: Time To Destroy Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

The official commissioning ceremony of the Child and Adolescent and Robert Smith Complex was held yesterday at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center under the theme “Building Healthy Lives, One Youth At A Time.”

Prime Minister Perry Christie said that this was a huge milestone in Bahamian healthcare, and even though the opening took place under his government it was a joint effort between previous governments, recognizing the presence of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham who was in attendance.

“The second Minister of National Insurance was myself, the third was the former prime minister, this is how that works. I would have commissioned the first actuary report and the report would have come out in time for him to begin the implementation.”

“So you can understand when one of us would have said while they were prime minister when another sows, another reaps and vice versa and that is what is so enriching about our democracy, the fact that you are witnessing the work of just not a government but multiple and this is a milestone in Bahamian achievement, ” Mr. Christie said.

Christie also added that this complex’s opening is one of his greatest accomplishments due to his personal connection, being a father to a child with special needs.

“On a personal note many of you would know how important the completion of this was to me, there is a deep personal imprint on any achievement that I could have ever had as the country’s leader but also as a father of a challenged child.

“As someone with the first hand experience of stigma and discrimination which unfortunately attaches itself to the child and sometimes as a parent you know that the child understands when rejection in any form takes place, I know how people’s perceptions can affect these persons and their families,” Mr. Christie said.

Minister For Health Dr. Perry Gomez added that he construction of the Child and Adolescent, Robert Smith and Special Education Complex will “greatly enhance” Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre’s (SRC) capacity to provide a therapeutic programme consisting of a cohesive, consistent, therapeutic environment through its child care and adolescent services.


“It is my firm belief that the construction of the Child and Adolescent Robert Smith and Special Education Complex, supports not only the continued work of the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, but it supports the over-arching philosophy of our public health system which strives to keep the patient at the centre of our service delivery system.


“The increased space and improved facilities will better allow the staff to occupy the patients’ time effectively and provide a comfortable, exciting and visually stimulating environment,” Dr. Gomez said.


Constructed on a portion of the vast grounds at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Fox Hill, the complex is expected to take advantage of the therapeutic environments offered on the grounds as part of its treatment module.


The C.A.R.S complex is designed to be the nation’s premier mental health facility for children and adolescents. The facility provides specialists’ services for adolescents and adults experiencing severe and enduring mental health needs and developmental disabilities.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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