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Bishop Hall Calls For Draconian Measures

In light of the recent string of violent crimes, Pastor Emeritus of New Covenant Baptist Church, Bishop Simeon Hall, yesterday called on the government to take “draconian” measures in beefing up security particularly at banking institutions around the country.

Bishop Hall, noting that the “criminals have declared war in the nation”, offered two suggestions in an effort to combat this issue.

“I want to call on the government to give armed greater security to banks and banking institutions, such as armed security guards posted 24/7 around banks. Criminals have declared war on innocent citizens, and we must confront them. I think banks themselves should have greater security to the ATM machines; so that people wanting to do business when banks are closed can do so with a degree of safety,” said Bishop Hall.

Stressing the urgency of eradicating the violence, Bishop Hall said is an adaptation of a US policy.

“I believe another thing we could do is to consider the three strikes and you’re out. This is putting some people away for the rest of their lives. If you are not going to enforce capital punishment which is on the books, then we should put some people out from civilized society for the rest of their lives,” Bishop Hall lamented.

The bishop reiterated that something must be done in order for the country to confront this nightmare.

This past Sunday morning, a local deacon was shot to death while withdrawing money from a Scotia Bank automated teller machine (ATM) on Jerome Avenue.

This incident has sent an alarm throughout the country, and has heightened the vigilance of bank customers.

Assistant Superintendent Stephen Dean admonished the public to take the proper precautions when withdrawing cash for the ATM.

He went as far as suggesting individuals not use ATM’s late at night or early in the mornings by themselves.








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