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The meeting the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) hoped to conduct with the Bahamas Nurses Union about concerns surrounding the newly implemented shift changes yesterday didn’t happen on the account of a misunderstanding. 

President of the Bahamas Nurses Union (BNU) Amancha Williams told The Journal that she had no knowledge of the follow-up meeting’s deadline and “will not be bullied” while at the negotiation table. 

She said, “The only thing that we acknowledged when we left from the drawing board on Friday was that we were going to call them to let them know when we would be sending a letter in. That’s it.”

She added, “There’s nothing else we agreed upon. What we left on the table was the obligation that BNU needed to meet. We met that.” 

Ms. Williams further explained that she called the PHA’s Managing Director Catherine Weech to let her know that a letter would be sent this past Monday. 

However, in a statement dated November 1st, 2018; the PHA gave the union until this past Friday to submit their objections to the recent shift change. 

The new shift change was the topic of much rebuke following the statement issued this past Thursday.

 The shift change would require nurses under the PHA to work an 8-hour day as opposed to the current four hours on and four hours off scheduling. 

In fact, at a demonstration following the release, Ms. Williams expressed that nurses rather quit than to “work slavery hours”. 

Ms. Williams added that the BNU is set to have a meeting with the Department of Labour this Friday at 11AM. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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