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Andros Families Want Closure

Families of the victims of that Aztec plane crash have petitioned the government to help them with closure after such a major tragedy.

Bishop Philip Campbell – brother of Ricardo Campbell – said just a few weeks before the crash, their family buried another brother and to have another death is a burden they could hardly bear.

The most painful part Bishop Campbell said is the fact that DNA results of the recovered remains have not been released.
“We are very appreciative to the Bahamas for all of the graciousness and everything that has been done, but I think more critical than what happens today is can we have the results from the DNA as quickly as possible, so that we can secure the remains of our loved ones and weep and bring closure,” Bishop Campbell said.

Speaking with The Journal after the memorial on Friday, he stated that closure can only be had once they have had a proper service for his brother.
Brother of Darren Clarke, Edison Clarke, said their family is also doing the best they can to cope, but agrees with Bishop Campbell that they too need closure.

“I’m 100 per cent in agreement; it would be awesome if they can expedite the process so that we can have some closure and be able to visit the gravesite of our loves ones,” Clarke said.

He added that they would be able to feel more at peace as time goes and heal better once they have buried his brother.

Clarke added that the government said that they’re doing the best they can, which he says is understandable given the circumstances.

“I don’t think the Bahamas is equipped to handle stuff like this in house. I think they have to send the stuff to the U. S to have it done. So we’re just being patient and understanding and trying to not get irate, because it’s no one’s fault. So we’ll have to deal with it the best way we can,” Clarke said.

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