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WSC To Take Legal Action

The  Water and Sewage Corporation is  set to take legal action against BUSAWU President Dwayne Woods for his defamatory comments against Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson.

Mr. Gibson said,“myself and the General Manager have instructed Mr. Bethel to take out suit  against Mr. Woods for defamation of character,  given his statements that are farfetched, entirely untrue and for which he has no proof,” he said. 

The Long Island MP  also  dismissed  what he termed misogynistic comments by Mr. Woods regarding women’s elevation in the corporation.

Mr. Gibson said the Corporation condemns the remarks adding that they are disgraceful, wreckless  and wholly unacceptable.

“It should be gravely concerning that someone in a position such as his, where he has been elected to represent the interest of all of his members would dare to use his position to discriminate against a certain class of individual, suggesting publically that the only basis which they could have received promotion is by non- meritorious means.

“We condemn the disparaging sexist remarks that Mr. Woods made about the corporation and the upward mobility of women at the corporation,” the Executive Chairman said.  

The Executive Chairman summed  up what Mr. Woods called union issues as personal issues of his own. He said the corporation is in fact not rolling back any benefits.

“These are all issues that directly or indirectly relate specifically to Mr. Woods and his position as Union President.

“However, he has disingenuously used recent disciplinary actions taken by the Corporation with regards to particular employee breaches to further his not so hidden agenda for what appears to be purely personal financial gain,” Mr. Gibson said.   

The Executive Chairman again stressed that any WSC worker found to have tampered with the corporation’s property will be dismissed.

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