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Women’s Rights Activist Praises Immigration Decision

Leading Women’s Rights Activist and Director of Equality Bahamas Alicia Wallace  said she considers the decision by the government to amend the Immigration Act a step in the right direction.

She says that she does not consider Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ decision to change legislation to allow Bahamian women the right to grant citizenship to their children a victory,  but a consolation prize.

Last week the Prime Minister made the announcement that his administration’s intends to amend the immigration act to allow all Bahamian women the right to automatically transfer citizenship to their children regardless of where they are born.

This decision goes counter to  the result of the 2016 gender equality referendum.

On the surface it seems like a victory for persons that have been campaigning for gender equality in the country, but this Journal spoke with Ms. Wallace  who said it’s anything but a victory.

“Is this a win in my eyes? No, it is more of a consolation prize. It  might be necessary to move us in the direction we want to go on terms of gender equality and giving children of Bahamian women the same access to citizenship as Bahamian men

“It is important to note that the constitution is supreme law;  that’s why we went straight to the constitution to try to enshrine these rights and that people are safe and are in a position where they are depending on legislation for a right to citizenship,” Ms. Wallace said.

Wallace also noted the fact that description of  the prime minister’s announcement has been incorrect.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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