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VAT Increase Gets Mixed Views

The topic of the increase in  Value Added Tax (VAT)  has been  discussed throughout the country  since the day the  2018/2019 national  budget was first introduced to the Bahamian public. Members of the public  interviewed by this Journal  have given  mixed  reactions  to the increase.  While  everyone  offered different views,  some people were expecting the increase in VAT. 

Freeport, Grand Bahama resident, Mr. Mcfall says that he has two kids;  one attending the University  of the Bahamas in Freeport and the other attending Mary Star of the Sea Primary school. He says that if the VAT increase eliminates the need for the countries dollar to devalue  and assists in cutting down the deficit, he’s all for it. But the increase came as no surprise to him. He expected VAT to increase to 15 per cent,  so the 12 per cent  is no excuse to fold. Mr. Mcfall says with all the other positive things they (the government)  did for the Bahamian people with all the exceptions, etc., this is a walk in the park.

Mr. Mcfall says that he doesn’t feel as though his personal life and spending will change. His necessities will remain the same and no matter how much VAT increases, he will support his family.

 However, chauffeur Shervin has a different opinion all around. He says that this will be a game changer for Bahamians and  Bahamians have  not seen anything like this since the mace was thrown out of the window of the House of Assembly. Shervin agreed completely with the decision that the  four  MP’s made to vote no and says that this will change things for his family. 

54-year-old, Arnold Bullard was most willing and ready to give his views on the issue. He advises Bahamians to tighten up and shop more at home by paying taxes in our own country, pumping money back in, rather than shopping away and paying their taxes with no complaints. 

He says that this is the time for Bahamians to save and invest more money. He encourages his  five  kids to do so.  He encourages the Bahamian public to do so also.

 “I believe the VAT is necessary. Let’s keep in mind that the PLP did implement the 7.5 per cent, the FNM came and implemented another 4.5 per cent.  We can’t blame the FNM for everything. Irresponsible spending over the years has caused the government to have no other choice but to come up with the money,” says Mr. Bullard. 

As many Bahamians that are furious, there are just as much that have accepted the change. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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