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US Gov’t Shutdown Not Affecting Bahamas, Says Minister

Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar has  confirmed  that the partial government shutdown in The United States which has resulted in a strain on their national aviation system,  is not affecting The Bahamas. 

According to reports  Miami International Airport is providing the most visible evidence that the government shutdown is making travel less convenient with TSA Screeners not showing up to work because they have not been paid.

With the Miami International Airport being the closet port of entry between The Bahamas and the USA, Mr. D’Aguilar said he has been advised that operations at Lynden Pindling International Airport have not been interrupted.

“As the government shutdown rather annoyingly continues, one doesn’t really know how the TSA not being paid is going to react. 

“Right now,  I have been advised that certainly at LPIA that operations are continuing at a normal paste.” 

“Boarder  protection is doing what they need to do and there have been no interruption in service for which we are deeply and greatly appreciative,” he said.  

Mr. D’Aguilar added that he has been advised by travellers of the situation in Miami, Florida.

“In the United States I have been advised by some of the traveling public that instead of allowing two hours,  they are allowing three hours just in case.

“What they did in Miami  is they closed down one security screening line or they’re pushing passengers into a smaller number of lines. 

“So  rather than spread them over 10 lines,  they are now spreading them over nine lines and so obviously that is going to make your processing time longer and you have to allow additional time when you travel,” Mr. D’Aguilar said.

The  US government shut down has been in affect now for 24  days and is the longest US government shut down since 1995.


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