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An outspoken University of The Bahamas professor is seeking justice after being “chased” off campus by security this past Saturday.

Professor Felix Bethel told The Journal that in late December he received a schedule indicating when and where he would conduct classes for the Spring 2019 semester and has conducted three since the semester started last week. 

Mr. Bethel has since sought representation from Attorney Wayne Munroe  who  recommend that he should  continue classes as of yesterday evening.  

Upon arriving to the campus, Mr. Bethel told The Journal  that security met him at the  Michael H. Eldon Complex and asked him to leave once again. 

Mr. Bethel, accompanied by members of the Union of  Tertiary Educators of  The Bahamas (UTEB), asked security guards if it was legal to keep a professor under contact from conducting classes. 

Their reported  response was simply that they have received instructions to ensure that Mr. Bethel was not on the premises. 

According to  reports,  University President Dr. Rodney Smith may have some animosity towards Mr. Bethel following his publicized resignation for his comments after Dr. Smith plagiarized another president’s speech back in 2005.

Dr. Smith, in his resignation letter to the college community, casted blame on “The Guardian, but more specifically The Tribune and The Bahama Journal and Mr. Felix Bethel”. 

Mr. Bethel has been an instructor at the institution for 45 years, but was not on the roster at the time of Dr. Smith’s resignation. 

When asked why he was not with the College at the time, Mr. Bethel revealed that the College was trying to terminate him. 

Mr. Bethel said that Attorney  Munroe has carriage on the matter and is seeking to get clarity on his  schedule and contract to determine their next move. 

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