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Trade Union Congress President, Obie Ferguson yesterday said the Congress is maintaining the status quo until an appeal is heard by The Privy Council on union agreements. Mr. Ferguson spoke on the issue of the Court of Appeal’s recent ruling which he claims, essentially makes all trade agreements in The Bahamas null and void.

​Since then, Mr. Ferguson, along with National Congress of Trade Union President, Bernard Evans, has been pushing for the government to overturn that decision.

​Yesterday, Mr. Ferguson said that the unions, the government, and employers have all agreed to maintain the status quo, that is until a final decision is made.

​“That’s the position we put forward and we’re waiting to get a reply from them because it will be in the interest of the union, the government and the employer if prior to February 28, the conditions that existed then, remain until the determination is made by the privy council which will decide where we go and how we deal with the matter,” Ferguson said.

​The unions have applied to the London-based Privy Council.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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