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UB Educators Upset Over Injustices

Tertiary educators at the University of The Bahamas are speaking up over injustices at that institution.

In a press release the Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas (UTEB) listed 22 discrepancies with the institution.

They included undermining the union through victimization, discrimination and generally anti-union activities, illegally stopping faculty salaries and neglecting to take steps to address issues affecting health and wellness.

UTEB said, “Sadly, in the passing of the Act to bring the University into being, and against the considered advice of the Union, UB insisted, and was supported by all who voted for the Act to remove several gains for faculty. One is the right to have the Union elect its representative to the Council, now Board of Trustees.”

“Again, acting outside the parameters of the law, UB has taken this path and in doing so, faculty have had their careers, professional reputations and their students harmed and put at risk.”
The union said there are other issues of concern apart from the 22 listed, but they feel those outlined should help to sketch the concerns that plague the institution.

The press release stated, “In most instances, their (UB) actions have either ignored the industrial agreement or are in direct conflict with it.

“It is therefore with great concern and dismay that we note the manner in which the current administration appears determined to undermine not just the terms and conditions of the signed and registered industrial agreement (IA), but also to undermine the role of faculty, our academic freedom and our ability to partner in the institution’s development.”

Also listed as concerns was neglecting to consult UTEB concerning changes to the infrastructure, intimidation of a union officer, termination of faculty contracts without just cause and omission of UTEB representation on search committees.

UTEB added that, “we are the ones who impart knowledge and skills, counsel, guide and give daily support to students, develop courses and programmes, undertake research, and provide service to the University and the community. The University is funded by and belongs to the people of The Bahamas. UB needs us all to work together in a fair manner if we are to grow as an institution of higher learning,” said the statement.

President Rodney Smith was unavailable for comment.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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