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Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguliar says there is nothing to worry about when it comes safety and security for visitors.

Speaking with The Joournal yesterday the minister said while police presence may be needed at the Fish Fry it’s only to remove nuisances.

“Yes, we need to enhance police presence on the grounds to remove those nuisances, but there’s no major crime going on; its more nuisance crime. People taking advantage of foreign visitors in terms of selling them services they have no intention of delivering and maybe harassing them a bit, but in terms of their safety and security, I’m not worried about that,” D’Aguliar said.

He was responding to the latest travel advisory issued by the U.S State Department, warning its citizens to stay away from places like Over The Hill and Arawak Cay.

The minister said he’s frequented the area, especially in the last few days and says there’s petty crime in terms of people taking advantage of foreign visitors selling them goods that they have no intention of delivering, but all in all there’s no real danger.

He suggested that maybe the problem is with the Bahamas sensationalizing and focusing on negative stories that may strike fear in the hearts of tourist coming to the Bahamas.

The minister said when compared to countries around the world and even those in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is a safe place and those at home should start focusing on the good.

“We have to focus on the good stories and not constantly beat ourselves over the bad stories and sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. In our quest to sensationalize an event, we damage the destination. If you think about Mexico or Jamaica, they have far worst crime problems than we do; but they have mastered the art of reporting it; but not sensationalizing it,” D’Aguliar said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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