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Teen Claims Police Brutality

The mother of a 16-year-old boy is outraged at the brutality she claims her son endured at the hands of police officers this past weekend after her son was abducted, beaten and left in a grave yard.

This was the horrific details told by her teenage son who alleged that he was brutally beaten to the pulp by police officers and told that he would be killed if he ever reported the incident.

However, Santino somehow mustered up the courage to speak out and demand justice.

This past Sunday, 16-year-old Santino Oliver and his two brothers left their Nassau Village home to grab a bite to eat.

He told the Bahama Journal that along the way they stopped at a home off Prince Charles drive to go and look at a cell phone that was for sale.

At the house, Santino said he saw a motorcycle that he liked but the home’s owner thought the he wanted to steal that bike and that is when things turned ugly.

“We was going to purchase a phone, a guy said he had a phone and I told him we were coming to buy it, I just ended up seeing a bike in the yard, I just wanted to look at the bike, I just went into a daze looking at the bike then the next thing I know is that a guy came out with his gun and he said don’t move, he said police freeze and while he had me in his possession he was starting to call several other people,” he said.

“I didn’t know he was calling officers and when they arrived they just starting beating me, no questions were asked.”
Santino added that he was taken from the home by two police officers in an unidentified car where he ended up at the Carmichael Road Police Station; he said that during the entire ride to the station, he was beaten and threatened.

Oddly enough when they arrived at the station, he felt somewhat relieved under the assumption that his nightmare was over but Santino’s mother, Shermantha Lightbourne explained that this was not the case.

“He thought they were going to take him in to the police station, instead one of the officers got out of the car to charged his cell phone, while the other officer was in the back seat of the car assaulting him, the officer was in the station for 15 minutes charging his phone, the officer then came back to the car and they took off and headed for the graveyard out Cowpen road,” she said.

“He said the officer told him they were going to kill him and leave him in an open grave, they beat him until he was unconscious and he said he blacked out in the car and when he woke up he was on the ground in the grave yard,” she said.
Santino suffered numerous fractures to his face and the bruises are still visible.

His mother said it is amazing to know that he is still alive.

“These police officers kidnapped my son because he was never arrested, he was never charged, they went to the police station and never took him into the police station, he is a minor, he is 16-years-old,” she said.

“Even if you suspected him of committing a crime, you have a responsibility, your duty is to take him into custody and contact his parents and put him before the courts that is the way you do it.”

Santino offered this message to those officers.

“To that officer, so you say when you called the other officers, you say you had a gun in your hand, you said you saved me this don’t look like you saved me, this look like you feed me to the dogs,” he said.

“I explained to you, I’m 16 you said you don’t care but God will deal with you.”

The Bahama Journal has repeatedly tried to contact officials at the Royal Bahamas Police Force, however they never responded to those calls up to press time.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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