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‘Social Distancing is No Joke’

Tyler Symonette, Journal Staff Writer

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell condemned beach-goers and urged Bahamians to not take social distancing “as a joke.”

Recently, videos and pictures circulated social media of large groups of Bahamians gathering on a beach, the direct opposite of the social distancing protocol the government has implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“We cannot afford to see what is happening in Italy happen here in The Bahamas. Yesterday, quite irresponsibly, people gathered on beaches in New Providence. This is not a good idea,” Mr. Mitchell said.

“People must refrain. The doctors are asking the authorities in the face of this now to take more strict measures to stop. The police were very concerned when they spoke to me about his yesterday. Those beach gatherings are endangering your life and those of others.”

Mr. Mitchell reminds Bahamians that the World Health Organization (WHO) has mandated that the best way to avoid spreading the virus is to avoid social gathering, self-isolation, washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water and if one must go outside to stand at least six feet away from another person.

While Mr. Mitchell does not approve of social gathering, he said he understands why it is happening.

“The authorities need to understand what cabin fever is also. We need to pay attention to mental health issues. People going out on beaches is a part of feeling cooped up in this emergency,” Mr. Mitchell said.

“We’re urging all Bahamians to check on their friends and family each day at a particular time through social media to be sure that during this period of isolation we all have food, water, medicine, we’re feeling well and if we need assistance. We’re urging physical isolation, but we need to stay in contact with our friends and family for our own mental health.”

So far, a total of five cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in The Bahamas and the government has enforced a 24-hour national curfew.

The chairman expressed that he believes The Bahamas can get through this hard time by following the protocols given.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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